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How can you mix and match BusinessEdge™ and ReadyConnect™ ?

Let's say you're running a small business with 10 employees who requires desk phones at their office desk (10 Extensions). But not all employees may need the functionalities of the same service. Let's assume you have 1 sales person who travels and also work from the office and from home, frequently keeps in contact with his/her clients and takes inbound and outbound sales calls on the go, office or home office. And let's assume that the remaining 9 employees work from the office or remotely from home, answering incoming calls and making outbound calls, with no need for business texting, messaging, or video conferencing, etc. In this scenerio, you could buy one (1) BusinessEdge Office™ ($49.95) which gives the sales person the desktop phone at the office and or home office with identical desktop capabilities, plus the capabilities of the desk phone and Mobile softphone (business text, MMS, chat, messaging, etc.) while out of the office with business identity intact. The remaining 9 employees can get Voradian Select™ ($29.95), or Voradian Advantage™ ($34.95), or a combination of the two, depending on your specific user needs, and still be able to do everything they need from their office desk or home office. In this case, instead of getting 10 Extensions at 49.95 per month (49.95X10=$499.50), you can get the same reliable service for $319.50 per month - an average cost of $31.95 per month per user, (1 BusinessEdge Office™ @ 49.95 + 9 Voradian Select™ @ 29.95) a savings of $180.00 per month or an annual savings of $2,160.00. There are various other ways you can mix and match BusinessEdge™ and ReadyConnect™ to create the perfect solution for your business and save money and dramatically improve your call handling. Save even more when you bundle Voradian Business-Class High-speed Broadband Internet with BusinessEdge Services.

Need help to create the perfect solution for your business?

While we publish BusinessEdge™ and ReadyConnect™ prices on our website for self-service, we highly recommend that you contact us for a FREE consultation to help you create the best solution for your business at the best prices possible. Our customers save more money by customizing their services to fit their unique business needs. We can customize a perfect solution for you at no additional charge, and save you a ton of money. All you have to do is Contact us and tell us about your business. We'll do the rest! As with all of our services, your entire phone system and service is fully managed right down to the device level by our professional support personnel, free of charge, so you can focus on your business and not on your phone system. With Voradian, you get more, you can do more, and you can achieve more!

Free Cost Analysis

Let us show you how you can save money on your current monthly bill while fully utilizing the communications service capabilities available to you, to increase workforce productivty and enhance operational efficiency for your business. We will analyze your current communications capabilities, costs , and monthly communications expenses and offer you a FREE report for your evalution. There's no obligation or commitment to receive this FREE report.

Free Compliance Audit
Complying with the ever-changing federal laws for business phone systems, particularly related to emergency calling is a complicated endeavor. Both large and small enterprises are challenged with the growing remote workers, multiple sites, legacy premise-based equipment, and or cloud-based communications - all adding to the intricacies of ensuring compliance with Federal Laws. VORADIAN™ can help. Our Free 9-1-1 Federal Mandate Compliance Audit is the best and easiest way for you to ensure compliance with emergency calling laws. Our public safety subject matter experts can identify where you may be failing to comply, related risks and liabilities, and provide you with an individually tailored roadmap to compliance.

Request your cost analysis and compliance audit by completing our contact form. A VORADIAN compliance and cost analysis specialist will contact you within three business days to schedule an initial conference call.

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