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BusinessEdge Remote Office™ Features
Offers a robust small business phone system for work-at-home or remote teleworking that projects an Enterprise image for businesses requiring their employees to work from home or remote locations to keep their business moving forward. This service offers a simple plug-and-talk solution that you can use at an office building, from a home office environment or on the road, from anywhere and on any device. This solution is packed with all the basic and advanced business calling features, functions, and tools for a successful work from environment, including secure digital fax to send and receive fax documents (fax to email, fax to portal, fax to mobile, etc.), audio and video conferencing for up to 20 participants, Web Conferencing and Webinars, Video Chat, Messaging, Business SMS, MMS, Remote Access, Remote Support, Live Video Streaming, voice, text and video App for your PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone - all in a single platform and single interface. Forward your current business office number or extension to the included 10 digit local number and all your calls received at your business office is automatically forwarded to your work-at-home phone. We'll even configure (spoof) your business phone number as the caller ID, so when your employees make outbound calls, your business phone number is delivered as caller ID with every call - maintaining your business identity. You'll never have to reveal your personal identilty while conducting business activities. Plus you'll have the option to use the 10 digit included local number to directly call your home office phone. There's so much to love about VORADIAN Remote Office Solution. Get yours today!

Below are some of the features and functions.

  • Local or Toll-Free Telephone Number (port your existing numbers)
  • 1 - 100 Extensions/ Users
  • Caller ID Delivery - Your existing business number or included local number
  • Voice, Text and MMS enabled with business identity intact
  • 2 Concurrent Calls/ Ext. 2 Line Display
  • 1 Concurrent Call for Mobile App SoftPhone for your Smartphone
  • Premium Plus Mobile SoftPhone with dedicated individual DID Number, Full Desktop Phone and PBX Capabilities, SMS, MMS, Video Chat, Presense, Text Chat capabilities and more
  • Work from desk phone, PC, Laptop, or Mobile Devices
  • Auto Queue System to automatically hold incoming calls in queue and play music and messages, while you are on another active call. Queue system automatically connects you to the next waiting call, as soon as you hang up from the previous call
  • Automated Call Handling & Call Distribution
  • Business Hours Scheduling, so you won't receive any calls after your work hours or while you are on a break
  • Time Frame Scheduled Call Handling - schedule when you want to receive calls by day and time, date and time, day and time of the week or week of the month, etc.
  • Federally compliant E-911 Services included for your home office location
  • Premium Voicemail Box
  • Voicemail Transcription - Readable voicemail messages
  • Voicemail to Text and Email
  • Voicemail file sharing via email, text or forward to another extension
  • Voicemail Notification Indicator on the deskphone, Mobile SoftPhone, or Device App
  • Missed Call Instant Notification via text and email
  • Find-Me Follow-Me to Mobile SoftPhone and multiple external numbers
  • Transfer calls internally or to external numbers
  • Move active calls seamlessly between deskphone and Mobile SoftPhone - so you are not tethered to the home office desk
  • Take and make calls from your Mobile SoftPhone (included SoftPhone App for your Smartphone)
  • Default System-wide Music-on-Hold
  • Add Company-wide or individual extension Custom Music & Messaging on Hold*
  • Dynamic Call Parking and pickup - between all your work-at-home colleagues
  • Directed Call Paking and pickup - between all your work-at-home colleagues
  • Call Parking with Ring back - Call returns to you in case the other party didn't pick up the call in "x" seconds (you set the time)
  • Call Waiting - visual and tone notification when you are on an active call
  • Call Transfer (blind & attended to extensions or external numbers)
  • Three-way Calling (Five-way Conference Calling with VORADIAN V900 Series Deskphones)
  • * Star Code Dialing Features - access over 200 calling features and functions
  • Call Recording (Mobile SoftPhone)
  • Call Recording for all Phones - automatic centralized call recording for all company phones (optional)
  • Group Messaging/ Team Chat
  • Automatic Line Selection
  • Automatic Channel Selection
  • Automatic Line Scaling for Peak Calling (no busy signals and never miss a call)
  • Audio Conferencing Bridge - Local dial-in number to host audio conferencing for up to 100 participants
  • Video Conferencing with duplex audio for up to 10 participants and 10 video/ web cams - use deskphone, mobile phone, or VoIP
  • Web Conferencing and Webinars with audio - use deskphone, mobile phone, or VoIP
  • Remote Access - Access your business computer from home PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Remote Support - access your customer's PC to provide remote support
  • Move phone calls to video conference or audio conference without having the caller call back to dial-in bridge
  • Mobile App included to host and participate in video conference, web conference, webinars, and more from all your devices including Smartphone
  • 300 Toll-free minutes/ month/User**
  • + 200 Standard Calling Features & Functions
  • And much more

Recommendations for a problem-free work-at-home setup
  • High-Speed Broadband Internet (Cable, Fiber, or DSL) - Required
  • Minimum 5 Mbps upstream and downstream speeds - Recommended
  • Modem with Ethernet Jack that's located in your home office OR ethernet jack located in your home office that's connected to the modem - Required
  • Disable SIP ALG in your modem. If unable, contact you ISP support for assistance- Required
  • Set QoS in your modem for voice and video (contact your ISP support for assistance) - Recommended

Useful information about Modem and Router Compatibility

*Professionally produced royalty-free Custom Music & Messaging available at additional charge. Contact sales for details. Custom Music & Messaging you provide must not infringe upon copyrights laws. Upon request by Voradian, you must produce verification of your right to use such materials in our system.

**Overage minutes billed at 2.9ȼ per minute

[E-911 services: Voradian E-911 Emergency Service fully complies with Federal Law (Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act) Mandate for businesses operating Multi-Line Telephone Service in the United States. Most jurisdictions will require E-911 calling capabilities from your business location, per Local or State Law. Voradian E-911 calling feature connects your emergency 911 calls to the local PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) for Police, Fire and EMS emergency assistance requests. Available at $2.00/ month (per remote location) + local government fees and charges) See E-911 Services & Policy.
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