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BusinessEdge Connect™ Phone System
Advanced Hosted PBX & Digital Phone Line

BusinessEdge Connect™ combines the power and quality of high definition digital voice and our carrier-grade VoIP service, that's prioritized for high-quality voice delivery, with a collection of advanced features and smarter functionalities in an integrated business PBX system that’s simple as plug and play. It delivers high-quality voice, video, text, and messaging, securely via our privately managed network with enterprise-class reliability, security, and quality-of-service (QoS) to ensure that every communication interaction is delivered perfectly. Set up your business anywhere - at an office building, from a home office environment or on the go. BusinessEdge Connect™ is an ideal solution for small and medium size businesses that want to considerably reduce their communications cost, while gaining the capabilities of an enterprise communications system at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?
BusinessEdge Connect™ is a Hosted PBX and cloud based Digital Phone Service that allows you to combine a single network for phone, data, and application - eliminating the need and cost for two separate networks for phone and data. It also provides advanced business features and functionalities that traditional phone systems and providers are unable to provide.

What’s required?
  1. An IP/SIP Phone (Sold separately)
  2. High-Speed Internet Connection (Keep your current provider or bundle with Voradian Internet)

BusinessEdge Connect™  Features

  • Local Telephone Number (port your exisitng numbers)
  • 2-100 Extensions/ Users (Minimum 2 users)
  • Hosted PBX System with advanced call processing
  • Automated Call Handling & Call Distribution
  • Auto Attendant/ Virtual Receptionist
  • Business and After hours Scheduled Call Handling
  • Holiday hours Scheduled Call Handling
  • After hours Emergency Call Handling & Routing
  • Optional Automated Directory Bot (Responds to SMS messages sent to main phone number)*
  • Live or Automated Answering of Incoming Calls
  • Company/ Employee Directory
  • 3 Concurrent Calls per Extension. 3 Line Display (Put one call on hold and take the inbound calls or make an outbound call)**
  • Call Transfer to Internal Extensions or External Numbers
  • Call Waiting Indicator and Alert on Desktop Phone
  • Primary Auto Attendant with advanced call handling and call routing
  • Up to 3 Sub Auto Attendants
  • Enhanced Voice Mail Box with copy message to another extension or by email
  • Voicemail Notification Indicator on Desktop Phone
  • Missed Call Instant Notification via email
  • Premium MobileUC App with team text & video chat for Office on the go, Make and receive calls on the App, Place callers on Hold with music, transfer calls, Three-way calling and more from anywhere in the world.
  • Move active calls seamlessly between Desktop phone and Mobile App
  • Find-Me Follow-Me to Mobile App and multiple external numbers
  • FCC compliant E-911 Services included for company location
  • Station-to-Station Intercom Paging
  • Page All Extension Intercoms Simultaneously
  • Group Segmented Intercom Paging
  • Optional Overhead Speaker Paging***
  • Dynamic Call Parking and pick up from any extension with system generated Park Orbit
  • Directed Call Parking and pick up from any extension with user generated Park Orbit
  • One touch automatic Call Parking and One touch pick up with Park Button on desk phone
  • Call Park Alert with Ringback - No pickup
  • Call Park Indicator on Desktop Phone
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Three-way Conference Calling (Five-way Conference Calling with VORADIAN V900 Series Deskphone)
  • Company-wide Default Music on Hold
  • Company-wide Custom Music & Messaging on Hold****
  • Personalized Custom Music & Messaging on Hold per Extension capabilities
  • Automatic Line Selection - Just pick up the handset. System automatically selects outgoing line
  • Automatic Channel Selection - Automatically selects between voice, SMS, MMS, and Data for inbound and outbound channels
  • Auto Line Scaling for Peak Calling - Never get a busy signal or miss a call. Automatically scales to make and receive calls even if all extensions are busy at the same time.
  • Hunt Group/ Ring All Group/ Ring Segmented Group
  • Line Sharing and BLF
  • 100 toll-free minutes/ month/User
  • + 200 Standard and Advanced Calling Features
  • Optional easy integration of CRM and productivity applications
  • Web based portal to manage your extensions/call routing
  • And much more

[E-911 services: Voradian E-911 Emergency Service fully complies with Federal Law (Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act) Mandate for businesses operating Multi-Line Telephone Service in the United States. Most jurisdictions will require E-911 calling capabilities from your business location, per Local or State Law. Voradian E-911 calling feature connects your emergency 911 calls to the local PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) for Police, Fire and EMS emergency assistance requests. Available at $3.00/ month (per customer account - not per extension) + local government fees and charges, and includes all extensions/users at a single location} See E-911 Services & Policy.

*small monthly recurring charge applies. Contact sales for details.
** requires multi-line display deskphone.
***requires our optional SIP paging appliance. Additional One-time Charge Applies.
****Professionally produced royalty-free Custom Music & Messaging available at additional charge. Contact sales for details. Custom Music & Messaging you provide must not infringe upon copyrights laws. Upon request by Voradian, you must produce verification of your right to use such materials in our system.
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