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Voradian Mobile Office™ Features
Mobile Office On The Move

How Voradian Mobile Office Works
Virtual Mobile Office offers mobile businesses and road warriors with a phone solution that gives a big business impression. Virtual office keeps you connected to your customers no matter where your day takes you. Select your local or toll-free number, create a greeting, and route your calls to your Voradian Mobile Softphone on your mobile phone or any landline phone. Virtual Office answers and routes all of your incoming business calls, making you sound like a large, established business. The phone service includes a powerful set of features that allows you to run your business from your mobile device, no matter where you are. Whether you are a mobile business of 1 or 20, you can easily customize Voradian Mobile Office to suit your business needs, and keep your personal and business calls separate from each other with personal and business contact directory and business number caller ID. With business number caller ID, your outbound business calls are delivered with your business phone number as the caller ID and not your personal cell phone number.

Add an extra phone line to your personal mobile phone for business and manage your calls virtually without the additional cost and inconvenience of carrying a second mobile phone. One device for personal and business use with distinctively separate numbers and capabilities. Voradian Mobile Office doesn’t just forward calls to your mobile phone or landline, it can route calls wherever and whenever you want. Choose a local or toll-free number from Voradian, or port your existing number to Voradian, and we'll automatically connect all calls to your Voradian Mobile Office. The phone system then professionally greets your callers with your greeting and directs them to the person or department they’re looking for, based on customizable extensions and or a dial-by-name directory.

  • Choose a Phone Number That Fits Your Business Needs: Select a toll free phone number for your business to create a national presence, or choose a local number to appeal to your community. You can also keep your current business phone number and connect it to your Voradian account.

  • Create Your Own Company Greeting: Make a great impression on your customers with a customized, studio-recorded greeting from Voradian that makes you sound professional and established, or upload a greeting of your own.

  • Route Calls Wherever You Want: Easily forward all incoming calls to your home phone, office or mobile phone, and include menu options in your greeting to let callers choose the appropriate extension or department.

  • Do Your Business on the Go: Tap into the optional Voradian Mobile App for iOS and Android for the fastest and most convenient way to view voicemail, send and receive text messages, forward calls, and screen unwanted numbers (additional charges apply).

  • Easily Manage Your Account Online: Manage your Virtual Office phone system right from your desktop or mobile device. Create your own call routing schedules, voicemail messages and extensions with our easy-to-use cloud-based online portal.

Voradian Mobile Office™ Features

  • Local or toll-free telephone number (port your existing numbers)
  • 1-20 Extensions/ Users
  • 1 Concurrent inbound/outbound call per user
  • Standard Voicemail Box
  • Auto attendant (Virtual Receptionist) with call routing
  • Business hour, After hour, and Holiday Scheduling
  • Standard Voicemail box/ extension
  • Live or Automated Answering of Incoming Calls - Company Greeting and Call Routing Options (Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support, etc.)
  • Caller selected call routing - Call Handling and Distribution
  • Company-wide Default Music on Hold
  • Send and receive Business SMS messaging+
  • Programmable Company-wide Custom Music & Messaging on Hold++
  • Ring All Users/ Extensions simultaneously or Grouped Extensions
  • 500 caling minutes/ User/ month*
  • Optional Premium Softphone App for business SMS messaging operation**
  • Optional desk phone add-on available for in-office/home office use
***E-911 Emergency Services not available for mobile locations***

Add additional U.S. Local Phone Numbers: $4.95/per number/ month
Add local presence for your business anywhere in the United States or personal/private local numbers to your account. We also provide U.S. toll-free phone numbers, International local and toll-free phone numbers covering over 60 countries. Contact us for rates and details.

Add business SMS Messaging & Premium Softphone: $6.95/per month
Add text messaging capabilities to your softphone app for business using your main business phone number or a separate local phone number. Send and receive text messages with your business phone number as the messaging ID and not your personal cell phone number.

Add Video and Audio Conferencing Capabilites: Starting at $19.95/month
Add an integrated video, webinar, meeting, remote access, remote support, and dial-in audio conferencing bridge to your account starting as low as $19.95 per month. Conduct virtual meetings, video and audio conference, webinars, training, remote support, remote access, and more from a single interface. Remote access is a perfect solution to provide remote support for your customers by remotely accessing their device. Save money and time with a single platform that can be used for 9 different applications instead of having to pay for muliple solutions. Contact us for details.

[E-911 services: Voradian E-911 Emergency Service fully complies with Federal Law (Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act) Mandate for businesses operating Multi-Line Telephone Service in the United States. Most jurisdictions will require E-911 calling capabilities from your business location, per Local or State Law. Voradian E-911 calling feature connects your emergency 911 calls to the local PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) for Police, Fire and EMS emergency assistance requests when used from a stationary location. E-911 service is NOT available with Voradian Virtual Mobile Office. See E-911 Services & Policy]

*Overage minutes billed at 2.9ȼ per minute (Minutes are pooled among all the extensions. Example: 500 X 4 = 2,000 minutes for 4 extensions. Additional charge applies when you exceed 2,000 total minutes for your account.)
**Activate Optional Premium Mobile SoftPhone App capabilities at anytime. $6.95 additional charge per Premium SoftPhone App/ user/ month. Mobile App gives you the ability to make and receive calls on your smartphone with your business identity intact (caller ID will display your company phone number not your mobile phone number), place callers on hold with music and message on-hold, transfer calls seamlessly to another extension or to an external phone number, record your inbound and outbound phone calls, share recorded calls via email or forward to another extension, make 3-way conference calls, send and receive team messages/ chat, team video calls or conferencing with other Mobile App users, keep and access business contacts and personal contacts seperately, click-to-call, send and receive business SMS messages, upgrade to free Enterprise voicemail box, and much more.
+Requires Voradian Premium MobileUC Sofphone App
++Additional charge applies for custom music and message production service
+++Federal, State, or Local taxes and fees not included.
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