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VORADIAN vConnect™ MeetingManager™ Huddle Room Appliance allows you to convert any meeting room into a high-definition video conferencing center. When combined with a LCD display, SIP conference phone, webcam/camera, and wireless keyboard or mouse (all sold separately), this unit will power a high-quality video conferencing solution for small meeting and huddle rooms. The total solution cost to our customers is under $2,500.00 (depending on the type of conference phone, LCD display, and camera chosen) and will rival systems costing many times more. Participants outside the conference room can join a web meeting or video conference using our vConnect™ MeetingManager™ software client on Windows, Mac, Apple iOS and Android devices, or online from a browser at VORADIAN meeting access page.

Plug-and-Play, Easy and Robust – Just connect TEP to any display or projector. Anyone can walk in and start a session instantly whether it is video conference or in-person presentation using their PBX login credentials.

See Everyone Face-to-Face – All attendees from desktop (PC and MAC) to mobile devices (iOS and Android) can view  meeting room participants using the unit’s 1080p HD video webcam (not included) and display their webcam output to up to two LCD monitors or projectors (not included) connected to the TEP unit.

Support Two TVs – Attach two TVs to a TEP and display content on one TV and HD video on the other. Where there is no content, TEP displays up to 30 HD video in two TVs.

Browse and Present at the Fastest Screen Sharing Speed – Meeting participants can browse the Internet, open files in any format and draw on screen. Desktop content including video and audio can be streamed to attendees at 20 frames per second (the fastest screen sharing speed in the industry).

Recording – Meeting hosts can record the entire meeting (video, audio, and desktop) to local attached USB storage (not included).

Full Scale of Real-Time Collaboration Over the Internet –  Any attendees from TEP, PC/MAC, and iOS/Android can present their content, show their webcams, control and annotate the presenting content concurrently, file transfer and talk via computers or SIP devices on the company PBX.

In addition to the TEP-1080 unit, the solution requires the following items which must be purchased separately:

  • LCD screen or projector  (up to two can be connected)
  • SIP conference phone
  • 1080p Webcam
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse combo
  • Meeting Manager Meeting Room with Video Conferencing enabled
  • PBX User account with audio conferencing enabled

We recommend and have tested this solution with the following components:
  • 1080p LCD display (up to two can be connected)
  • Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam
  • Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard
  • Yealink CP960 Conference Phone
  • Jabra Panacast conferencing camera
  • Jabra Speak conference mike

Technical Specs
Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5
Hard Drive: 16 GB Micro SSD
Graphics Processor: Intel Integrated Graphics

Included In The Box
Intel NUCi5 CPU with vConnect™ MeetingManager™ Software Pre-installed
19v Power Supply
VESA Mounting Bracket

The following required items must be purchased separately
• Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
• Video Webcam
• Conference Phone
A Step-by-Step Guide to setup the vConnect™ MeetingManager™ Huddle Room Solution is included in the shipment.

Need Professional Installation?
If you require professional installation, let us know. Our certified installers are available in all 50 U.S. States and territories. Contact us for an installation quote.

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