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Unified Communications starts with a Unified Solution. Cloud Phone, Business SMS, Messaging, Audio & Video, Webinar, Meetings, Telepresence, Huddle Room, And More. Start with yours today!

How do world’s most successful enterprises communicate with their customers? How do they achieve laser-like customer focus, razor-sharp customer engagement precision and superior clarity, catapulting their business to the next realm? The answer is simple - by communicating on their customer's terms. Every customer has their own preferred communication channel and by using application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect voice, SMS, email, and other communication mediums, savvy organizations let their customers choose how, when, and where to communicate with them. But this requires high levels of programming expertise, deep understanding of communications platforms, and an enormous amount of money.

Fortunately, VORADIAN™ has changed all that. Tools that only enterprises could afford are now readily available for businesses of all sizes with our next-generation communications platform that will future-proof your business, drive customer engagement, and fuel your growth. Contact us to learn how our Integrated Business Communications Solutions can help you differentiate your business with exceptional customer engagement and increased workforce productivity while helping to fuel your growth.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Our Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) is the seamless integration of real- time and non-real-time communication services such as voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies to boost productivity, improve efficiency and streamline business communications. Unified Communications decreases the complexity of integrating and coordinating a wide range of communication services by uniting them under a single interface.

Bring E-mail, SMS, Chat, Voice, Video, and Social Collaboration into a single place and into a single thread. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more to connect, communicate and collaborate internally and externally with your team, customers, colleagues, vendors, partners and more, privately or publicly on their preferred channel from a single place. Respond to customer feedback and engage prospects on social platforms instantly, switch to voice, text, video, email, and more to further engage and communicate. Integrate your CRM's, Business productivity tools and Apps to give you even greater control of your interactions and increased engagement to better serve your customers, boost workforce productivity and enhance operational efficiency.

Voradian’s UCaaS offering is constantly updating and increasing. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Seamless integration of your CRM's and Apps you use everyday
  • Screen pops with customer data from your CRM's or other applications when a call is received
  • Click to dial from CRM's, Apps, Contacts list, E-mail, Web browser, and more
  • Text, Chat, or Message internally or externally right from your browser or application
  • Presence across the enterprise - see all your colleagues status
  • Live operator panels for attendant managed calls
  • Voradian developed 3rd party applications via our API
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • Salesforce.com plugin
  • URL agent
  • Communications client
  • Integration with any 3rd party application or platform using our API
  • Standard integration of over 300 CRM's and 1500 Apps you use every day
  • And much more

As cloud services gain traction, many companies are experiencing the problem of "collaboration sprawl". Information is scattered across multiple cloud services, each performing a very limited function. VORADIAN solves this problem by offering a single unified collaboration environment where teams can meet all their productivity and teamwork needs. It sets itself apart by applying innovative social technologies which shifts emphasis from the traditional "content focused" approach to a "people focused" approach where the onus is on engaging people around information.

One by-product of the "cloud" IT revolution has been a refocusing of software applications towards business objectives. Organizations today want applications which remove the artificial distinctions between communication and collaboration applications, and give employees a single, always-on, always available environment where they can manage all aspects of working together with co-workers, customers and partners. VORADIAN combines the latest in cloud, social, audio, video and mobile technologies to offer innovative Unified Communications Solutions for a variety of business applications and mitigates many business communications challenges with measurable operational cost effectiveness.

Are you working with software and collaboration solutions that are not vendor agnostic? Does your current solutions limit your ability to have a unified collaboration environment with everyone outside of your enterprise, as it won’t complement your ICT portfolio and competencies? Voradian removes these barriers and allows you to extend and upgrade your current collaboration environment by offering solutions that are in tune with changing market demands. With exciting new mobile, cloud voice, video, data and Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies, we give your business the edge within our VoradianEdge ™ UC Platform. While we own and operate the entire stack ourselves, Voradian UCC solutions are also designed to integrate and work with your current UC environment, whether they are proprietary, or powered by UC solutions from other leading vendors.


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