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Elevating communication capabilities through the fusion of technology

Unlock the power of communication with the tools that enhance customer interactions

VORADIAN™ Business Phone System is an Intelligent and Integrated Business Communications System, hosted 100% in the cloud and built from the ground up to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful communications capabilities to future-proof your business. It combines our carrier-grade VoIP service that's prioritized for high-quality voice delivery, with an advanced feature-rich PBX and Unified Communications Service. It is designed to optimize your communication success by delivering a comprehensive set of enterprise-class end-user features in a platform that is highly reliable, flexible, and scalable. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and is completely managed and supported down to the user device level by our industry professionals to make your life simple.

Hosted PBX and Hosted Voice

The VORADIAN™ Hosted Business Phone System, built on the VoradianEdge™ Platform, lets you work at the speed of life with a collection of exceptional features, smarter functionalities, and ease of use. Fast and easy deployment, higher capacity, flexible scalability, broader capabilities, and measurable operational cost savings makes buying our business telecommunications solutions an absolute no brainer.

Unified Communications Service (UCaaS)

Our powerful Unified Communications Services are easy to use and deploy through a user-friendly interface that can be easily integrated into existing business processes. Fully-featured and constantly updated, our UCaaS offering is a collection of services, smart devices, and applications, that incorporate industry-leading technology and cutting-edge capabilities.

Conferencing Solutions

Voradian’s conference solutions ensure the secure and reliable delivery of IP based voice, video, and meeting services for businesses of any size across all industries. It's more than a conference solution with 9-in-1 application for remote support, webinars, meetings and more. It offers proven reliability, high performance, increased efficiency and productivity, and unparalleled security, from the core of our network to your business application.

Secure & Reliable Digital Fax

Our cloud fax technology uses store-and-forward fax servers to eliminate problems typically caused by VoIP faxing/ e-Faxing. Like all Voradian solutions, our Fax offering has been designed to optimize our customer’s faxing success and experience, giving you unprecedented reliability and security. Our Fax Solutions are HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant for Healthcare Practices and Financial Services companies to safely and securely transmit Personal, Financial and Health Information. on multiple platforms.
Voradian Public Address System

Our Public Address System is an intercom/ microphone solution for one-way or two-way public addressing needs. It allows offices, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, warehouses, educational institutions and more, to build powerful voice intercom solutions that expand security and communication. It is fully integrated with our phone system for easy operation. No special wiring or installation is required for this IP based solution. Our system allows for a quick and easy roll-out of your public address system.

SIP Trunking for IP PBX

Using our SIP Trunking allows your organization to easily configure, deploy, operate, maintain, and upgrade your on-premise PBX system, without the expensive professional services associated with Premises based phone closet. Since SIP Trunking is substantially cost effective over traditional phone company lines (PRI), you can realize huge savings immediately and over time. Your investment in Voradian’s SIP Trunking can give you a quick and substantial return on your investment, with all of the added benefits that SIP Trunking provides.


Cutting-edge Integrations

Our platform was built to provide easy integration of your CRM's, Apps and Business productivity tools. Build a robust custom communications solution and gain the edge that elevates your business above your competition. Connect and engage your customers on their terms and differenciate your business by serving them better and smarter. Increase customer engagement with our cutting-edge solutions and make your customers feel connected to you.

Business SMS & MMS

Business SMS and MMS brings the ability to integrate SMS (text messaging) and MMS (multimedia messaging) communications with our Business PBX, Contact Center, and other internal systems to enhance your communications capabilities by empowering your employees to send and receive text messages and multimedia files, while maintaining business identity.

Contact Center Suite

VORADIAN offers carrier class contact and call center services to any size business to better manage their customer relationships with a robust suite of call center solutions. Like all of the platforms in our ecosystem, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution has been developed to deliver the highest quality experience to users without the need for significant investment.

SMS Directory Bot

Voradian SMS Directory Bot is an application that's integrated directly into our business phone system that connects an SMS sender with the appropriate person or department in a company using information obtained from the PBX directory. It connects and communicates with the SMS sender by responding to text messages using your SMS enabled business phone number. Our SMS Bot is an enterprise-class solution that offers advanced communications capabilities.

SMS Responder Bot

The SMS Responder Bot is an advanced version of the SMS Directory Bot. It's powered by AI to automatically reply in a conversational way to incoming SMS messages to your company phone number. The application named Jade, also lets you see a history of messages and gives you the ability to send messages from within its interface in real time. Like her name suggests, Jade is an invaluable jewel that brings unprecedented communications capabilities to your business.

Redundant Communications Service

Redundant Communications Services (RCS) is the next-generation remote office solution that works in tandem with your primary office, providing highly reliable redundancy with identical communication capabilities. RCS offers the same features users expect from their communications systems in the office environment, and creates business office and remote office one in the same. RCS offers unparalleled options for teleworking, business continuity, disaster recovery, and mobility.

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