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VORADIAN’s suite of fully managed business products and solutions provides dramatic cost savings and enhanced productivity, allowing you to spend more time on other important business matters and not on your communications system.

We offer an all-encompassing VoIP portfolio that provides cost-effective, stable, scalable telephony solutions that emulate traditional phone lines ranging from enhanced cloud voice to Hosted PBX to traditional hand-off options like Primary Rate Interface (PRI), or Business SIP Trunking which seamlessly integrate with your existing phone systems. Whether you have many locations, a large concentration of employees at a single location, work at home employees, or remote teams and offices, VORADIAN enables branch offices, remote workers, and telecommuters to seamlessly work together under a single virtual roof.

Benefits include:
No big up-front investment
No obsolescence-software upgrade cost
Nationwide origination coverage in U.S, and 63 international locations
Global termination to 200 countries and territories
Competitive long-distance rates

Migrating your traditional phone lines to VORADIAN Hosted Voice is a fast way to improve your bottom line without the inconvenience of a complete telecommunications overhaul. Our Hosted Voice offering leverages our state-of- the-art privately managed, inter-connected global VoIP network to translate digital voice for use over an analog device. This POTs (Plain Old Telephone) emulation technology offers the full suite of features found in traditional phone lines, with significant cost savings.

Common Features:
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Directory Listing and Assistance
  • Operator Assistance
Advanced Features:
  • Faxing
  • Alarms
  • Paging
  • Re-use existing equipment
  • Achieve faster cost savings
  • Easily integrates with your PBX or Business SIP Trunking Solution


VORADIAN Hosted PBX System is a cloud-based PBX solution that eliminates the need for an on-premise PBX system. Our PBX system provides all the features of a modem office PBX and advanced IP Centrex features and functionalities with the convenience and scalability of a remotely hosted, fully managed cloud solution. By combining local and long-distance services with our privately managed inter-connected and integrated network, your business can simplify its communications infrastructure to a single platform. No matter the size of your business or the size of your workforce, VORADIAN provides full access to features and professional business functionalities. All in all, we offer over 200 business features and functionalities that combines, end-user in-call and off-call handling features, group features, mobile features, web features, and systems features to enable our customers maximize their communications capabilities and customer engagement.

Common Features:
  • Auto Attendant / Virtual Assistant
  • Automatic Call Handling
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Active Call transfers
  • 3-Way Call Conferencing
  • Extension-to-Extension Dialing
  • Extension-to-Intercom Paging
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Hunt Groups
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • And much more
Advanced Features:
  • Click-to-Dial or Click-to-Call Integration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Web Management
  • Enhanced/ Enterprise Voicemail
  • CRM and Business Productivity tools Integration
  • UC Desktop and Mobile Application with SMS Enablement
  • Virtual Direct Inward Dialing Extension Numbers
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
  • Wireless Support
  • And much more
  • Free project management, client admin and end-user training
  • Fully managed free support
  • No up-front equipment investment
  • No ongoing maintenance and administration costs
  • No PBX equipment and ongoing software upgrade costs
  • Zero refresh cycle - No captial expenses
  • Move Capex to Opex and realize immediate and long-term cost savings
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling options (excludes call centers)
  • Increased network efficiency, reliability, privacy, and security
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • And much more

What is the first impression and image you convey when your customers and prospects call your business?

How are your incoming and outgoing calls handled – answered, transferred, distributed, routed or terminated?

How are you handling your inbound sales calls and tracking them?

How are you solving the missed sales opportunities?

What is your call-flow schema?

What is the outcome of each and every call that arrives at your business?

Does your current phone system allow you to seamlessly manage disaster recovery and business continuity?

Does your current system have the capabilities to meet the evolving digital transformation and close the channel gap to engage your customers, prospects, employees and the world around them on their terms?

Does your Multi-line Telephone Service (MLTS) comply with new Federal Laws for Emergency Services?

VORADIAN™ offers cutting-edge solutions that can solve many communications issues and transform your business from a simple telephone system to a versitile business communications command center. We empower you to differenciate your business in the market place with improved customer engagement by offering the right tools and solutions for your employees to serve your customers better and smarter. Our robust, next-generation hosted solutions allows companies to streamline their communications, convey a professional image, efficiently distribute and manage call-flow, increase workforce productivity, improve efficiency, gain flexible scalability, achieve team collaboration and mobility, and the ability to deploy distributed and remote business operations across the nation and around the world with an easy to learn and simple to use Integrated Business Telecommunications System.

For both a lower cost and higher resiliency, we facilitate our customers with the opportunity to take advantage of our patented ETP (Elastic Trunking Protocol) Auto Scaling across multiple redundant availability zones. ETP Auto Scaling (ETPAS) will bring you both the ability to satisfy peak call demands and provide resiliency in the case of business continuity and disaster recovery, otherwise not afforded by traditional CPE PBX scenarios or by any other hosted PBX solutions.

Harness the power of our next-generation phone system and our high-quality, always available Business-Class Cloud Communication Services that offers over 200 Class-5, IP Centrex features and functionalities to boost your business communications capabilities. Rest easy knowing that your phone system is always on and available, backed by our global interconnected netwok, distributed data centers, redundant platform, and our industry leading service level guarantees of 99.999% uptime. Leverage a partner with National strength and Local capabilities to support your communications needs no matter where your business takes you. We can meet your business demands for communicating and interacting effectively with your customers, prospects and employees for your growth and success.

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