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It doesn't matter whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. It doesn't matter whether you operate from a single location or distributed locations. It doesn't matter whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees. It doesn't even matter if you have global offices, remote teams or a mobile workforce, we work with and for you to empower your business to compete and win in the market place, by helping to drive customer engagement with our robust communications technology and solutions. We are next generation thinkers, empowering you to advance your possibilities through the power of communication.

1. Quality you can feel and experience
2. Reliability you can always count on
3. Scalability and flexibility you expect and require
4. Security you can see and trust
5. Service you can depend on every day
6. Support that exceeds your expectation
7. Mobility that gives you portability and freedom
8. Affordability you can see in measurable savings

1. Zero Up-front cost for PBX equipment
2. Zero Upgrade Cost
3. Zero Maintenance Cost
4. Zero Administration Cost
5. Zero Service Contract Cost
6. Zero Refresh Cycle
7. Move Capex to Opex and realize immediate tax benefit
8. Gain short-term and long-term savings with low predictable monthly service charge



$0.00 startup cost & Ongoing savings

Low, all-inclusive monthly pricing and no upfront cost for the telephone system. Simplify your communications with all the features you need to do business anywhere, anytime and from any device. A powerful business phone system and so much more that’s priced just right.
Cut your monthly bill by 30% or more

Save 30% or more on your monthly bill over your current service provider and rest easy knowing that you'll have a predictable monthly bill. No added junk fees, no hidden charges and no surprises. Plus, you'll enjoy ongoing savings and get the latest upgrades at no additional cost.
Easy to setup, Learn and Use

Our hosted phone system is very easy to setup, learn, use, and manage, using our web interface. You can manage new accounts, extensions and access all features and functionalities from the office, home or on the go from any device.
Save thousands of dollars

With Voradian's hosted service, you won't need to purchase a depreciating traditional PBX System that cost at a minimum averages of $220,000.00 over a 2 year period, hire professional services to implement, employees to manage and setup, or pay for ongoing maintenance and upgrades.
Save immediately and over time.

With VORADIAN hosted PBX system as a service, you'll eliminate the high cost of owning a traditional PBX system by paying only a low monthly subscription service fee. The Phone System with dial-tone, line connection, call origination and termination, all features and functions are included.
Choose Local and Toll-Free numbers

From anywhere in the nation or from around the world - more than 60 countries. Port your existing phone numbers from your current provider without having to change your business phone numbers. Plus you will continue to get the latest upgrades and integration at no additional cost.


Get advanced PBX features.

Our system is loaded with features and functionalities that are easy to use and useful for any size business across any industry. Access advanced features with our mobile optimized platform for a workforce on the move - such as audio, video and web conferencing functions along with business productivity tools such as Chat, SMS, MMS, Integrated Microsoft Outlook, Click-to-call, Salesforce, or multiple top brand CRM’s and much more in one single place for a Unified Communications Experience.
Unparalleled Security and Reliability

Our systems are protected with multi-layered and the latest in security technologies and monitored 24 hours by professional telecommunications engineers. Our communications platform also meets or exceeds the regulatory compliance requirements of HIPPA and PCI-DSS. We are federally registered, licensed and regulated by both the FCC and State regulatory agencies of all 50 U.S. States and territories, and meets or exceeds all Federal and State Regulatory requirements as a Telecommunications and related services provider.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Never worry about missing an inbound call or losing the ability to make an outbound call because of your local data network outage, power outage or a natural disaster. We’ve got you covered on that end too! Our dynamic call routing and failover features handles your calls automatically and redirects it to your mobile or PC devices or to an external location of your choice - such as a branch office. Make outbound calls from your PC or Mobile devices using full PBX capabilities or access your phone system remotely via our DISA features.
100% Scalability and Fast Deployment

Our system grows with your business needs. Scale up or down as your needs demand. You get the system today for 100 users, but your business growth doubles in a short time. No worries, we can scale you up within just a few hours, not days or weeks; and get you the power you need to handle more traffic.  Seasonal needs for scaling up or down can be accomplished with ease and speed. We are only a call or email away!
No Systems Administrators Needed

You don’t need to hire or train your staff to setup, install and manage the system. We will fully manage the communications system end-to-end for you. All you need is a manager who has the authority to approve new accounts and extensions in the system. We will take care of the systems administration, maintenance, backup, upgrades and everything you need at no additional cost.
National strength and Local capabilities

Our services are available nationwide from cost-to-cost, backed by a national support system. Access our local certified channel partners and affiliates who are available nationwide in your community to take care of any on-site support when you need it at your facility. For installations, structured cabling, device configuration or removal of your old legacy system, our BICSI certified installers and engineers are available in every state in the U.S.
Support staff is always available to help

Our highly experienced staff is always available to help train your employees on the use of the system and help you manage your telecommunications system at no additional cost. Our support staff is always available by email and telephone to assist you with technical and emergency support needs. Voradian's Single Point-of-Contact Dedicated Local and National Account Managers will look after all of your communications and support needs with personalized concierge service. No matter what your needs or questions may be, talk to the same person.  Every. Time.
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