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Unlock the Hidden Value in Communications. Online Meetings, Presentations, and More

The lines between physical and virtual business are blurring. From one-on-one communication, to small team collaboration, and to large group presentations, Voradian’s suite of conferencing solutions provides easy and efficient tools covering messaging, audio conference, web conference and live broadcasting across devices and platforms.

VORADIAN™ Integrated Conferencing Solution gives you the real-time collaboration features you need to keep your company competitive. Each department in your organization can benefit from one or more of the real-time collaboration applications we have to offer. Thanks to our patented technology, there is nothing to download for participants who will be viewing only. No firewalls, group policies, or antivirus can stop attendees from joining your meetings. Joining a meeting is easy and fast from anywhere in the world and on any device. It takes under 5 seconds – not minutes.

  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Streaming
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Webinar and Meetings

  • Remote Support
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Hand
  • Private & Group Chat
  • Business SMS & MMS
Combine our Integrated Business Phone System with our conferencing solutions for an all-in-one Communications Command Center for your office desk or smartphone on the move. Work smarter and drive your business with our communications apps.

Secure Connection. Fastest Speed. Shortest Delay. Best Image. High Quality Audio

Enterprise Conferencing Solution Built for Business and Engineered for Safety and Privacy

In a world where more businesses are now using video based solutions for their mission-critical functions, there's no shortage of video solution providers. But how safe, secure and functionaly reliable are these solutions? Are you inclined to opt for a cheap consumer-grade solution or a highly secure enterprise-grade solution, that can securely conduct video and audio meetings, webinars, share sensitive documents, and confidential information? With VORADIAN's vConnect solution, you'll get a high quality 8-in-1 Enterprise solution that's engineered for secure business meetings and remote access with enterprise security for end-to-end protection of your information and safeguard your privacy. Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate from anywhere on any device.

Mac/ iOS
Meet From Anywhere on Any Device

Get the whole crew together in vConnect Meeting, where you can present business proposals, collaborate on projects, conduct training, share files and desktop, or just catch up on a face-to-face meeting. Built for businesses, schools, and other organizations, vConnect Meeting Manager allows you to live stream meetings, remotely access your PC, provide remote support, move phone calls seamlessly into a video meeting, remotely operate machines and equipment, and much more. Click below to learn more.








Hosting and attending an online or voice Interactive Meeting Using Voradian® vConnect™ Meeting Manager is easy, simple, and uncomplicated. With our 8-in-1 meeting solution, you can host six (6) types of online meetings without having to launch separate applications. This meeting type is the conventional method of web conferencing. Each attendee (using either PC, Mac, or Mobile device) can interact in the meeting and can be the Presenter or a Controller. Two (2) additional enhanced type of meetings can also be performed with the aid of vConnect, such as Huddle Room Meetings, and Live Telecast Broadcasting. You can easily choose the type of meeting you want to host from the vConnect™ Meeting Manager Console.

Hosting a Meeting
Click to host an impromptu meeting or a scheduled meeting. Here you may select the type of meeting you would like to immediately launch.

Interactive Meeting
It allows you and your attendees to show and control each other's screen. Use your device microphone and speakers or any telephone to dial into an audio bridge for voice interaction.

HD Video Conference
It allows you to conduct an HD video conference with VoIP audio from your device or dial-in audio bridge from any telephone.

Attendees don't need to download anything and can view your presentation instantly with a browser on any platform. Audio can be heard on device speakers or by dialing into an audio bridge from any telephone.

Remote Support
View and control attendee's computer immediately after the attendee join the meeting. Requires attendee’s permission. Voice interaction can be done via device microphone and speakers, dial-in audio bridge, or direct phone call.

Remote Access to This Computer
Allow this computer to be remotely controlled while unattended. Password is mandatory for this type of meeting access. Work from anywhere to access files, programs, or applications from your primary computer and complete tasks as if you were using this computer.

Audio Conference
Allows 100’s of attendees to dial-in to your unique audio conference bridge from any telephone to attend an audio meeting. It allows you to host an audio meeting while allowing you to give control for others to conduct audio presentation.

Huddle Room Meeting
Allows small and large meeting rooms to be transformed into an online meeting space with the aid of our meeting platform and our industry leading virtual meeting appliances - video cameras, audio speakers, LCD screens, and computing hardware.

Telecast Broadcast
Allows multimedia meetings to a large scale audience at a single or multiple locations. Multicasting or telecast broadcasting is ideal when you have large multi-location operation and space is limited (such as in a auditorium) at a single location, and you want to address all attendees at all locations simultaneously in a seminar, training, product launch, and more.

This desktop video has crossed the United States twice - originating from the Presenter on the West Coast - to our servers on the East Coast, and returning to the West Coast. Watch the speed, minimal latency, the quality of audio and image, after it has traversed across the United States from coast to coast. Now that's the power of VORADIAN's Patented Technology that delivers 6-in-1 vConnect™ Meeting Manager with unmatched performance, unparalleled security, and quality-of-service for Audio Conferencing, Multipoint HD Video Conferencing, Webinar/ Web Conferencing, Live Video Streaming, Remote Access, and Remote Support.
What is vConnect™ Meeting Manager?

VORADIAN’s vConnect™ Meeting Manager is a comprehensive system that gives businesses the ability to conduct video, audio and web conferences and access other business communications channels or productivity tools via secure environments. Apart from web conferencing capabilities, vConnect™ offers the ability to conduct Interactive HD video conferencing, live streaming, remote support for PC and Mac users, remote access, file sharing, whiteboard, editing tools for real-time writing or typing, remote printing, record conference sessions (for both host and attendees - attendees with permission) webinar services, audio conferencing, and more. Allow real-time document e-signing and capture while recording the session in real-time for your records.

Increase Productivity and Enhance Efficiency

With vConnect™ Meeting Manager, employee productivity is boosted, and efficiency is greatly enhanced as they enjoy instant access to real-time collaboration features. The solution allows teams of 10 to 3,000 employees to collaborate in a shared and secure environment with ease and without breaking your bank. Bring global offices and remote teams together and even collaborate with customers and prospects to make them feel connected to you. Different people from different departments can easily communicate and collaborate with each other or with external teams within a secure location without worrying about lags or the system slowing down.

Why vConnect™ ?

VORADIAN’s vConnect™ Meeting Manager is a business conferencing and collaboration solution that gives you powerful video, web, and audio-conferencing capabilities that's second to none. Some of the features of vConnect includes:
  • Hosted 100% in the cloud, so you can host and participate from anywhere on any device
  • Share desktop display and grant access and control to other members in the meeting
  • Share files and and co-host conferences and webinars
  • Allow multiple simultaneous co-hosting and sharing for white board
  • Webcam and huddle room video cam capabilities and support
  • Supports up to 30 webcams simultaneously per session
  • Superior audio clarity, so you won't miss a thing
  • Audio conferencing via PC (VoIP), Laptop, Tablet, Cell phones, Smart phones or Landline telephones
  • Send invitations from your Microsoft Outlook calendar or any other email tools such as Gmail, or via Instant Messaging with prefilled meeting details
  • Set meetings and presentations online with other participants from anywhere in the world
  • Gives you complete control from anywere you host the meeting
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate smoothly and efficiently
  • Easy, fast, secure, and much more


When it comes to huddle rooms and meeting spaces, getting everyone comfortably inside the camera's view can be challenging. That's not a problem with the Jabra PanaCast powered through Voradian's most powerful vConnect™ Conferencing Platform. With world's first intelligent 4K video conferencing appliance and an industry leading 180° field of view, this camera gets everyone in the room, even those sitting closest. To create a clean room and make it as easy to use as possible, we've paired world's leading SIP conference phones that integrates the vConnect™ MeetingManager™ Console and our Audio Bridge into one unit. This combination is easy to use, easy to learn, a breeze to setup, and perfect for any small meeting space or huddle room. There's never been a better time to video enable all of your meeting spaces, and bring remote teams and global offices together to get you going fast.

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