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The critical factor for growth and success lies in your ability to enable employees to be productive and more responsive to evolving customer expectations. VORADIAN™ offers an extensive and exciting array of communications products and services designed to help you push productivity to the next level and take your business to even greater heights. We've built the solutions that empowers you to compete and win in the market place by differenciating your business with exceptional customer engagement and making your customers feel connected to you.

VORADIAN MobileUC™ SoftPhone App

Turn your Smartphone into a Smart Office and do all of your business on the move. With omni-channel communications capabilities, Full PBX desktop features and functions, your office can be anywhere your day takes you. Make, receive, transfer, and do three-way calls, dial mobile-to-desk extensions, call parking, music-on-hold, mobile-to-desktop intercom paging, business text and multimedia messaging, text and video chat, as if you were at your office desk. Collaborate even better with audio and video conferencing, webinar, meetings, remote access, mobile fax and more. Now you can stay in touch with customers, prospects, business associates, and colleagues on the go while protecting personal privacy and maintaining complete business identity, with our great assortment of messaging and voice capabilities included in our MobileUC SoftPhone. We've built our mobile solutions for "your digital life on the move™!"

Receptionist SoftConsole

Our Software Defined Receptionist Console is the best solution for any business that utilizes receptionist attendant operators to handle call management. Transfer calls to extensions or departments, place call on hold or park and page, click-to-call, drag and drop to transfer calls, and a myriad of other functions that are optimized for receptionist use. The buttons are sized properly and the operations are performed using single-click or touch, and the BLF (Busy Lamp Field) page has a "swipe scroll" like most of the smart-phones. The possibility of having a touch screen monitor aids in the easy faster operation of our Receptionist Console.

WebRTC Device Utilities

The VORADIAN WebRTC is a web-based component of our MobileUC SoftPhone. Its Google Chrome Complete extension allows you to harness the features and functionalities of our PBX phone system from within the Chrome browser. With Voradian MobileUC SoftPhone's WebRTC you can make and receive calls, conduct video chat, webinars, meetings and more from your Desktop computer, Laptop and Tablets. Integrate your CRM and business productivity tools right into WebRTC and get a POP with customer information when they call you. Click-to-Dial from your contact list, email, CRM and more.

Business Desktop Phones

VORADIAN offers a variety of business desktop phones and hardware at competitive or below market prices that can meet your unique business needs and fit your specific budget. From an entry level to the most advanced and sophisticated desktop phones, we have partnered with leading manufacturers such as, Yealink, Polycom, vTech, Grandstream, Snom, Cisco, and many more to bring you the very best in business desktop phone experience. These feature-rich devices are designed to be fully compatible with our platform, easy to learn, easy to use, and comes pre-configured to be as simple as plug and talk.

Enterprise Huddle Room Appliance

VORADIAN vConnect™ MeetingManager™ Huddle Room Appliance allows you to convert any meeting room into a high-definition video conferencing center. When combined with a LCD display, SIP conference phone, webcam/camera, and wireless keyboard or mouse (all sold separately), this unit will power a high-quality video conferencing solution for small meeting and huddle rooms.
Intelligent Video Conferencing

Jabra® Panacast and vConnect™ MeetingManager™ for Video Conferencing. With an industry leading, 180° field of view and intelligent zoom recognition, this camera gets everyone in the room, even those sitting closest, in the picture. Paired with world's leading audio conferencing phones, there's never been a better time to video enable all of your meeting spaces and bring remote teams and global offices together to get you going fast.

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