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  • Initiate Click-to-Dial calls or send SMS to any phone number on a web page by clicking on the pop-up above the highlighted number.

  • Schedule meetings for VORADIAN vConnect™ Meeting Manager™ from the extension and save them to your Google Calendar account.

  • Create a meeting in Google Calendar and have it automatically added to your vConnect™ Meeting Manager™.

  • Save contact information from Google Contacts to your office phone Contacts list.

  • Make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, send and receive Fax to any phone number from an integrated dial-pad within the WebRTC.

  • See the presense of your co-workers in real time.

  • View and interact with all of your phone/ PBX advanced features, and much more.

WebRTC Google Chrome Complete

The ReachUC WebRTC extension for your Chrome browser gives you the ability to Click-to-Dial phone numbers on web pages, send SMS messages, send faxes, schedule web meetings, and save contacts from Google Contacts direct to your phone Contacts list. It identifies phone numbers in any web page and converts them to clickable links from which you can initiate calls with your VORADIAN account. When making calls, your PBX extension will ring first and then the call will be connected to the destination number.
WebRTC Google Chrome Click-2-Call

This browser extension for Google Chrome will identify phone numbers found in web pages and convert them into clickable links that can initiate a call with your VORADIAN PBX/Phone account using the WebRTC application. When a phone number in a web page is clicked, a call will be initiated from the WebRTC app running on your computer.
CRM Integration

VORADIAN ReachUC allows users to login using their current phone system credentials for click to dial and screen pops inside any CRM.

Outlook Add-in

This Add-In for MS Outlook will identify phone numbers in emails and contacts and convert them into clickable links that initiate a call with your VORADIAN PBX/Phone account.

WordPress Plug-in

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a “Call” button that initiates a call with your PBX/Phone account.

Communication Connector

The WebRTC Communication Connector is a fully integrated computer telephony integration (CTI) tool that runs as a native application on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10. It integrates a user’s PBX account with over 300 popular CRM's, over 1,500 Apps and Contact Management Systems that you use everyday. It is easy and simple to connect all of your business productivity and management tools right into your phone system with the help of VORADIAN ReachUC Integration.

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