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Two commercial versions of the DialSoft™ were designed to use for small and medium-sized organizations and the other for broad systems in the Enterprise and Government operational environments with a larger number of telephone extensions. DialSoft™ Receptionist Console can handle a large number of concurrent calls and manage up to 16 separate domain (entities) accounts and up to 4,000 extensions on a single PC monitor. Add a second monitor and double the number of extensions you can manage.

Using its configuration panel, it's possible to specify which account must be used for BLF monitoring and default outgoing calls. The incoming and outgoing call status are clearly displayed on the line's buttons and the operator can easily answer, hold, park, hang-up or transfer calls by simply touching the relative button. Transfer or Park calls by a simple touch of a button or drag and drop.

Features and capabilities of DialSoft™ Receptionist Console
  • Contact List
  • Web Integration
  • Custom skins and ring tones
  • Voicemail and or Auto Attendant
  • Basic Voice Codecs
  • Advanced Voice Codecs
  • And much, much more.

  • Multiple lines (Limited only by screen size)
  • Multiple accounts
  • Simplified receptionist operations
  • Touch screen ready
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Multiple audio devices
  • Call Notes
  • Recent Calls

Adaptive Voice Engine

VORADIAN DialSoft Receptionist Console is loaded with multiple voice codecs, both narrowband and wideband with different sampling rates ranging from 8KHz to 48KHz. The Voice Engine support adaptive jitter buffer, PLC (packet loss concealment), VAD (voice activity detection), DTX (discontinuous transmission), and CNG (comfort noise generation).

Simplified Receptionist Operation

All functions are optimized to keep the work of a PBX receptionist convenient and simple. It allows the receptionist to use a headset, handset, hand-free speaker or bluetooth enabled headset devices. As an example, to answer and transfer an incoming call, the operator would simply touch the button for the incoming call to answer, then touch the button for the desired BLF extension and then the transfer button. A note can also be attached to each call as a reminder of the caller’s request, or anything specific about that call. Notes are permanently saved in the call list.

The BLF list shows the status of internally monitored extensions. From this page you can call the extensions by simply touching the extension button and announcing a call, even if the extension is busy (barge in), or pick-up a direct call when the end-user is absent. These functionalities can be enabled or disabled by the systems administrator as they see fit.

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